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Seema Hunnurkar & Associates with vast experience in Legal Profession have been dealing & helping their clients Claiming Unclaimed Shares, Investments, Inheritance and Other estates of deceased Parents or Relatives being legal heirs as per Law in Mumbai.
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We Are Transparent in our Work and Strong in Our Documentation.
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We Are Transparent in our Work and Strong in Our Documentation.
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NRI Property Lawyer

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Seema Hunnurkar & Associates

Seema Hunnurkar & Associates with vast experience in Legal Profession are Expert Property Lawyers in Mumbai dealing & helping NRI Clients in various Legal Property Case, Civil, Matrimonial Cases, NRI Property Inheritance in Mumbai.

Seema Hunnurkar & Associates, a full service legal team situated in the city of Mumbai, practicing in all aspect of litigation and non-litigation matters and specialized on matters pertaining to Succession Laws. Our Moto has always been timely services, best quality and optimum cost. We are in touch with our client through quality performance, service and assistance.

We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with honest and direct approach in all our dealings. The para legal team and back up staff are also efficient and competent with sound law background. Our team ensures that our client is best advised on every possible aspect of law.

What We Do

Our Practice Areas

Sucession Certificate

Succession Certificate

A Succession Certificate is a document that is granted by a civil court to the legal heirs
Heriship Certificate

Heirship Certificate

if an heir, executor or administrator is desirous of having his right formally
Probate Will

Probate of Will

Will means the legal declaration of the intention of a person with respect to his property
Letter Administration

Letter Administration

Section 218 of Indian Succession Act, 1925 given an ample discretion to the Court
Property Transfer

Property Transfer

You can contact Advocate Seema Hunnurkar for any of your property related matters
Property Dispute

Property dispute

Property law is the area of law that governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy

What Our Client Says

Seema Hunnurkar is very professional and guided me with right information which helped us a lot. Her timely support helped us in legal matters.

Mithila Suvarna

Polite, knowledgeable and helpful. Adv. Seema knows how to get the job done. She is very professional and efficient. She diligently followed up the case in court and got us the court order and then got it promptly implemented at the Bmc. It was a pleasant experience working with her.

Julie Lobo

Excellent service, good adviser, concern advocate. Doing the worke seriously. I like her work.

Hashala Renose

Received good advice & excellent service quality. Also always get prompt response. Thank you Seema Madam.

Harish Bewingidad